Melissa K Fontanini aka MissyKat

is a Digital Artist with degrees from OSU and USC. She's currently working as a freelance 3D Generalist - Artist, Animator, Instructor - as well as focusing on her own tangible art

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deadliest Catch Game

Another game done at work was for Deadliest Catch.

I worked on the boat (model adjustments) and the crab crates (model adjustments and animations).

Big Catch Game

LG's Augment Your Reality Iron Man 2 Event

I haven't posted in a while, but here is a video showing an Iron Man 2 & LG event in NYC that displays work done at my company Total Immersion. We created an Augmented Reality phone application, a web game, and a facial tracking program where you can wear Iron Man helmet and chest RT. I worked on modeling Iron Man for the various applications, modeling environments for him in the Augmented Reality web game, then animating Iron Man for the game as well.

The phone app is shown about 40 seconds in.
The facial tracking is about 50 seconds in.
Then the web game that I did the art for is show around 2 minutes in.

LG's Augment Your Reality Iron Man 2 Event

Marvel and LG Ally for "Iron Man 2"