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is a Digital Artist with degrees from OSU and USC. She's currently working as a freelance 3D Generalist - Artist, Animator, Instructor - as well as focusing on her own tangible art

Monday, May 20, 2013

3D Artist & Animator Demo Reel

Here it is, a demo reel of my 3D work thus far!  All projects while working as a staff 3D artist at Total Immersion.

For added clarification of each project, the various clips contain reference images and/or videos of that project being implemented in the actual augmented reality scenario.

Also found on Vimeo 


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Demo Reel Shot Breakdown simplified:

Mastodon:    modeled, textured, rigged, and animated

Iron Man:    modeled, textured, rigged, and animated Iron Man; modeled and textured the desert environment he flies through in during the game

Disney - Tinkerbell:    animated

Avatar - Leonopteryx:    animated

Avatar - Prolemuris:    rigged and animated

TicTac - Pick Up Lines Beaver:    modeled and textured the hole; updated/adjusted the beaver texture, rigged and animated the beaver

Avatar - Direhorse:    animated

Cheerios - Buzz:    rigged, and animated

H8 Society - Load:    modeled, textured, rigged, and animated

Monster Me - Devil:    modeled and textured

Avatar - Sturmbeest and Secops soldiers:    rigged and animated

Avatar - Hellfire Wasps:    rigged and animated

Chik-fil-A - Decibel:    modeled and textured the cape and galoshes; textured, rigged, and animated the cow

Google - Taxi:    animated the taxi

AMD - Jetbike Driver:    modeled, textured, rigged, and animated the driver

BP - Pump:    modeled, textured, and animated

Avatar - Stingbat:    rigged and animated

3D Artist & Animator Resume - 2013

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3D Artist - Project List to Date

This is a list of all the projects I worked on while at Total Immersion.  I've included when they were completed and a quick description of what I did for the project.

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List of Projects from 2009

List of Projects from 2010

List of Projects from 2011

List of Projects from 2012

List of Projects from 2013