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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Panorama

I've been taking Lighting & Rendering 1 at Gnomon this summer and the assignment this week was to take a panorama.

After figuring out how to use a Kaiden head tripod, I went with two other classmates to Hollywood Forever Cemetery and spent forever trying to get the photography accomplished due to security...Permits, permits, permits, permission, permission, permission! It's for school!! hahaha

At first we were stopped and told photography wasn't allowed (oh people take photographs all the time, but we were sore thumbs because we had a tripod and were sticking to the same area in order to get the full panorama). So after being told such, we went to the Cemetery Office to ask for permission, which we were easily given on a post-it note. Then we continued back to our spot in order to start again. Being that there were three of us, we chose three different locations to do panoramas and throughout our remaining time there, we were approached by security about 5 or 6 more times, twice by the same guy! We showed the permission post-it note we were given and all was okay...I understand they were doing there job, but the same guy twice? "I'm sorry, I just wanted to look at your note again and verify." hahaha

We did have to clear out of the cemetery around 6pm because they had to prep for the movie screening they have on Saturday nights during the summer. It was an interesting day, I am sunburned and drained, but I got the photos, stitched them together and got a descent panorama.


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