Melissa K Fontanini aka MissyKat

is a Digital Artist with degrees from OSU and USC. She's currently working as a freelance 3D Generalist - Artist, Animator, Instructor - as well as focusing on her own tangible art

Friday, June 8, 2012

A HERO FOR WONDLA Augmented Reality Flying Game!

Here is a demo video for an augmented reality game created in connection to the book A Hero For WondLa. I modeled, textured, and animated almost all of the 3D elements of this game.

 A Hero for WondLa

 WondLa Vision Game

The Search for WondLa blog post

Here is an example of the 3D work I did for the augmented reality game.  I modeled, textured, and animated this flying ship called the's animated in little animation cycles for gaming purposes, but they're all strung together for the purpose of this animation clip.


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