Melissa K Fontanini aka MissyKat

is a Digital Artist with degrees from OSU and USC. She's currently working as a freelance 3D Generalist - Artist, Animator, Instructor - as well as focusing on her own tangible art

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let it be Lit

When I started working with plexiglass, glass stains, and other mediums for painting, the idea was to ultimately light the pieces from behind, as well as from the front, but to have the added dimension of back lighting.  I've been thinking about how to accomplish this for a while...what types of lighting to use, what kind of frame to create to house the lighting mechanisms, and I wanted it to be battery operated because I don't like the aesthetic of having a cord come from the back of a piece, down a wall and into a socket.

So I created a black wooden frame that was 4 inches deep to act as a ledge for all the components, with the painted plexiglass piece towards the front end of the box.  I went with LED strips, searched for ways to make it battery operated, switches (may go with a remote control for power), eventually found all the components (though I'm still testing things out to see how well it all works and for how long).

Here's the result so far:

mixed media


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